Dianne. 22 years old. Sydney, Australia. Vietnamese/Chinese.

I love my foods, music and the company of friends and families.

Life is filled with emotions - up & down - and this is where I will be expressing them, along with random videos, images & quotes.

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Get That Flat Tummy


Written by IFBB Bikini Pro Jaime Baird

A tight midsection is a universal sign of good conditioning. A small waist sets off your proportions to help you achieve that hourglass look. A lean middle is a key to good health and longevity, as abdominal visceral fat can lead to serious health…

DESSERT - Dark Night: Belgium Waffles drizzled with Dark Chocolate and for sides, strawberries, bananas and ice cream. Available at Wafflelicious, Auburn, Sydney.  

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14th February 2012

What is Valentines day? It’s a day for people to waste their money on flowers that will eventually die and chocolates that you can get any other day. 


What a cutie! 


cuter than apple pie!

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World Nutella Day!

I never knew this day existed till today! World Nutella Day is February 5th. I found a website, which is dedicated to World Nutella Day, and is filled with yummy recipes, using Nutella of course! Here it is:


Sometime this week, maybe even today, I’ll be making the Nutella Marshmellow Turnovers. Hope it taste as good as it sounds! 


A film by Nicholas Sparks. Who can say no? 



The Verdict: Seeing none other than Mr Zac Efron getting hot and heavy in these seriously sexy bedroom scenes means we are definitely getting more than we’re bargaining for when we buy our movie ticket (and that’s including the popcorn combo)!

YUMMM… and we mean the Zefron ! 


In 2012…


In 2012…

2012 - The Year for New Experiences

My plan for the year was to go back to university and study a Masters Degree in Radiography. But to my disappointment, I didn’t get accepted. But I did have a back up plan. 

My NEW plans for the year:

1. Complete a Certificate III in Fitness to teach Zumba. I’ve been doing Zumba at the gym for about a year now, and it’s a great way to exercise/get fit but also have fun! Another plus side, I do need to get my Senior First Aid, so if anyone needs CPR, Holla! 

2. Find a proper Part Time Job in my field (Medical Science related).

3. Go to the snows - Believe it or not, I have never been to the snows - and do the whole skiing/snowboarding experience. And of course, snow ball fights! 

4. Go to Hong Kong - I have never been overseas either. So thats something to also look forward too.  

5. Go to good old Melbourne - I love Melbourne. I’ll be looking at wedding bridesmaid dresses, etc etc. 

That’s all for now. 2012 - The Year for New Experiences. May it be a better year for all. x